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Our History

Our roots date back to the fall of 2014 when four local cyclists rode 360 miles in a relay across Florida to provide 134,000 meals for children in Haiti through the non-profit organization, Help for Haiti. One of these riders was founder and chairman, Ed Mullen. The ride provoked Mullen to find a solution for the hunger epidemic happening right here in Florida. The solution was the beginning of Pan-Florida Challenge – an organization dedicated to feeding food insecure children throughout the community.

Six years later, PFC and the Pan-Florida Challenge Board of Directors, began to look beyond just feeding hungry children. Their hope was to address its potential health repercussions – including life-threatening diseases like cancer ⁠— and implement preventive strategies.

Delving deep into scientific research and professional case studies, PFC found a proven link between a lack of nutrition, or poor nutrition, and an increased risk of developing cancer.

Today, Pan-Florida Challenge partners with local cancer organizations to support cancer prevention research and patient support. Our partnerships with elementary schools remain an important component, as we continue to provide PFC Power Packs to 2,500 hungry children every Friday.

Pan-Florida Challenge is currently supported by more than 300 volunteers, 50 sponsors, 1,400 donors, and 300 bike riders. To date, the organization has provided more than 5 million meals to children in need.

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Our PFC Leaders

Our Board

Ed Mullen
Ed MullenFounder and Chairman
Jim Gula
Jim GulaBoard Member, PFC Rider
Susanne Mullen
Susanne MullenBoard Member, PFC Rider
Kelly Assad
Kelly AssadBoard Member
Robert “Vigo” Vigorito
Robert “Vigo” VigoritoRide Director, Board Member
Craig Manchen
Craig ManchenBoard Member, PFC Rider

Our Staff

Jeri Goetz
Jeri GoetzExecutive Director
Jessa Gilberto
Jessa GilbertoCommunications Director
Megan Olson
Megan OlsonProgram Manager


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