5 Steps to Forming a Team for the Pan-Florida Challenge Cancer Ride

Follow these 5 Steps to Forming a Team for the Pan-Florida Challenge Cancer Ride and you'll be on your way to a successful bike ride this year.

1. Register

  • In the top right corner of our website click Register. When the pop-up appears, click Form a Team.
  • Enter your team name and your team fundraising goal. At a minimum, the fundraising goal should be the sum total of all rider fundraising minimums. Aim high! You can always update the goal as your team grows.
  • Click Next Step and fill out the remaining information. After you are registered, login to the Participant Center to personalize or update your team page and URL.

2. Recruit Teammates

  • Ask your friends, colleagues, and cycling club members to join your team through an email or social media post.
  • Share the link to your team page or tell them to search for your team name when registering.
  • Ask your teammates to recruit from their networks. Let them know they can create incentives to recruit members like matching gifts and team gear.

3. Raise Money

  • Each individual team member is responsible for meeting their fundraising minimum by May 15, 2021. Fundraising minimums vary by ride length and registration date.
  • Encourage donations to the team to build your Team Total, which can be allocated later to teammates who need help meeting their fundraising minimums.
  • Organize team fundraising activities like a yard sale, raffle, or wine tasting. 

4. Ride

  • Train with your teammates before ride weekend and motivate each other to stay consistent. Teammates can help cheer each other on and make it easier to reach personal ride goals.
  • Organize a practice ride that ends with a nice meal, design and order team gear, and communicate regularly with your teammates.

5. Reach Fundraising Deadline

  • Before May 15, 2021, review the fundraising status of each team member. Encourage them to reach their fundraising minimums and if they can, to go even higher.
  • Make sure to instruct Pan-Florida Challenge staff on how to distribute “Team Total” funds by May 15, 2021.

Why Should You Form a Team?

  • Camaraderie! Forming a team to ride is a great opportunity to engage colleagues and friends in a good cause. Your teammates can ride at their own pace and distance, too. 
  • When you form or join a team, there’s a shared fundraising responsibility. If four members of a team register and each person has a $1,000 minimum, the collective team goal is $4,000. If one member raises $750, but others go over the minimum by $250, you have covered your fundraising obligation
  • Opportunity to win The Chairman’s Award for team with the highest fundraising total or The Peloton Award for the team with the most riders new to the Pan-Florida Challenge Cancer Ride.


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