Our Mission

Who We Are

The mission of Pan Florida Challenge focuses on cancer prevention research, patient support, and food access for at-risk children throughout Florida. Through sponsorships, fundraising, and our charity bike ride Pan-Florida Challenge has provided 10 million meals to food-insecure children since our founding in 2014.

Our Mission Statement: Pan-Florida Challenge is a non-profit organization based in Naples, Florida on a mission to engage the community in cancer prevention and patient support. We provide nutritious Power Pack meals to chronically hungry children, as malnutrition has been shown to increase the risk of developing cancer. Pan-Florida Challenge also partners with organizations to fund cancer research and support for cancer patients of all ages and their families.

Cancer Research

Pan-Florida Challenge partners with Moffitt Cancer Center to help fund cancer prevention research. More specifically, Pan-Florida Challenge supports the Cancer Chemoprevention Research Interest Group where studies are conducted on the relationship between food, cancer prevention, the risk of developing cancer, treatment, and survival. Additionally, Pan-Florida Challenge partners with local non-profit organizations to provide direct patient support and nutritional education programs to the community.

Food and Nutrition

Pan-Florida Challenge works with 34 elementary and after school programs throughout Florida to provide 2,300 children every week with Power Pack meals. The goal in providing these meals is to set the foundation for a healthy lifestyle and to lower a child’s odds of developing cancer later in life. The Pan-Florida Challenge Power Pack contains 13 kid-friendly, nutritious, shelf-stable meals that meet or exceed USDA recommendations for protein, calories, and carbohydrates for elementary-aged children.

How We Do It

Pan-Florida Challenge relies on individual donors, corporate sponsors, grants, and two major fundraising events, the Pan-Florida Challenge Cancer Ride and the Pan-Florida Challenge Golf Tournament, to support our mission. The Pan-Florida Challenge Cancer Ride is our staple event, drawing hundreds of competitive and leisurely cyclists every year. Riders and virtual riders commit to fundraising on our behalf, and we provide them with the tools and tips they need to meet or surpass their fundraising minimum.

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