Pinecrest Elementary: Success Stories

The Pan-Florida Challenge team received progress updates on students at Pinecrest Elementary School where it distributes Power Pack meals every Friday during the school year. The supply of Power Pack meals have helped decreased students’ behavioral incidents and achieve independent success. Please note, names have been changed for privacy purposes.


Rosa has been working on behavior and time on-task. She began the year with seven office discipline referrals. Through Power Packs and other interventions, Rosa has been able to reach her goals and is showing much improvement with her behavior. She has recently been invited to practice with the 4th and 5th grade girls cheer team. Rosa is working toward her goal which is an end of the year performance on stage with the older girls.


Miguel has graduated from a behavior support plan. His teacher reports that Miguel is showing an increase in focus and eagerness for learning. He is being proactive and gaining confidence in the classroom. Miguel was rewarded for his progress and got to sign the school’s Wall of Fame.


Jean is eager to help others and shows empathy towards other people and their needs. He was chosen to serve on the school’s donations team. Jean’s public speaking and self-advocacy skills have improved. He has shown a great increase in confidence since the beginning of the school year. Jean loves assisting the school in distributing Power Packs. One Friday, there were several students absent and several Power Packs left over. Jean asked if he could take the remaining box of Power Packs home. He was so excited to have Power Packs for the long weekend and he carried the box home and shared with his family. The smile on his face was priceless.

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