Your Guide To the Pan-Florida Challenge Ride Ambassador Program

gray rigid bike leaning on wall during daytime

The goal of the Pan-Florida Challenge Ride Ambassador Program is to encourage first time participants in the Pan-Florida Challenge Cancer Ride. We want to help cyclists overcome any barriers they may have to joining the ride and enjoying this life-changing experience. Pan-Florida Challenge Ride Ambassadors will:

  • Grow awareness of cancer prevention, the linkages between malnutrition or bad nutrition and the propensity to get cancer, and ways to combat that — including feeding children healthy meals.
  • Be a magnet for riders of all abilities, encouraging them and sharing equipment and ride information, training and fundraising assistance, and companionship.
  • Gain enormous satisfaction for helping thousands in need while growing the community of dedicated Pan-Florida Challenge athletes.

Ride Ambassador Program Rewards

We have developed an incentive program to encourage participation in the Pan-Florida Challenge Ride Ambassador program. These incentives include:

  • An ambassador uniform, including a Pan-Florida Challenge collared polo shirt, t-shirt, socks, and water bottle.
  • Pan-Florida Challenge cycling jersey and shorts. 
  • Pan-Florida Challenge promotional brochures, flyers, and other collateral.
  • A waived registration fee for the Pan-Florida Challenge Cancer Ride.
  • A personalized discount code worth up to $100 off the fundraising minimum to share with recruits.
  • The opportunity to earn up to $1,000 at the end of the season based on the number on athletes recruited who complete their fundraising minimum. 

Ride Ambassador Expectations


Selection as a Ride Ambassador is not just about receiving the material rewards. Pan-Florida Challenge is looking for cyclists who aspire to something greater. Our priority isn’t to find cyclists who are the fastest, but those with a love of cycling who are connected to the communities in which they live. We’re looking for riders who believe, as we do, that we can play a role in cancer prevention. Ride Ambassadors should plan to:

  • Host local training rides.
  • Help promote sponsors.
  • Create at least one social media post per month. 
  • Submit at least one blog post before the ride. 
  • Recruit at least five new riders and engage with them throughout their training.
  • Participate in the Pan-Florida Challenge Cancer Ride and other community activities.
  • Become fluent in using your Personal Pan-Florida Challenge Fundraising Page.
  • Learn about and promote ride details and amenities.

Cyclists who are interested in serving as a Ride Ambassador for Pan-Florida Challenge should complete the Ride Ambassador Application. Tell us why you’d be a great selection and what skills or talents you have to share. Maybe it’s your profession, a hobby, or something you just have a knack for. Maybe it’s a personal experience you’ve had or a spiritual calling. Whatever is is that makes you special, we want to know. 

For more information, a full job description, or questions about the Pan-Florida Challenge Ride Ambassador Program contact us at or call 239-298-1620.

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